Monday, October 19, 2020

November 2020 Studio Open Dates


If you want to schedule a roster photo update, here are dates/times that are currently available:

November 07:  2:00 pm 

November 09:  5:00 pm

November 12:  11:00 am or 5:00 pm

November 13:  5:00 pm

November 14:  2:00 pm or 5:00 pm

November 15:  11:00 am or 4:00 pm

November 18:  5:00 pm

November 20:  5:00 pm

November 21:  noon or 5:00 pm

November 22:  11:00 am

November 24:  noon or 5:00 pm

November 28:  2:00 pm

November 29:  5:00 pm

The roster update category for November is:  dress-up/fashion

Monday, March 16, 2020

COVID-19 "CoronaVirus" News

Like most businesses, we are being impacted by the current virus news.

A lot of what the media feeds you is accurate but, unfortunately, a lot of it is agenda-driven & not true. is a little common sense for all:

  • The "CoronaVirus" can only be transmitted from person to person.  Common domesticated animals cannot carry this virus.  
  • The virus cannot "fly" or "jump."  It can only be transmitted by someone who is infected sneezing, coughing, or touching something that you touch shortly thereafter (the virus dies after only a few minutes away from a human host.)
  • What makes the virus especially contagious is the way its molecular structure is formed.  It has "grippers" that make it fairly easy for it to adhere to the sinuses and/or within the lungs.  
  • The CoronaVirus is no more "dangerous" than the common flu.  About 40K people will die this year in the U.S. from the flu.  Nearly all of these will be the elderly, whose immune systems are not as robust as they once were.  The same is true of the CoronaVirus....if you are under age 65 and in good health, this virus is nothing more than getting the flu for you.  
  • The #1 way to defeat this virus (or any virus) is to avoid contact with other humans until it "dies out" because there is no one left for it to infect.  Once it dies within someone, that person can no longer infect others.  
  • There will be more cases before this goes away.  The best estimates are that we will reach the top of the curve (the time when we peak and then to start seeing a reduction in cases) in about 3-4 weeks from now (in early April.)  How fast it dissipates after that will largely depend on how well the American population did in limiting contact with those who are infected.  The panic has spawned the term "social distancing" and it is vital that we do so for the next 3 weeks.         

Avoid "news" sources such as CNN that exist solely to spread agenda-driven propaganda.  Get your updates from the daily briefings from the White House, from the CDC, or from a quality news source in your area.  The scam "news" outlets (like CNN) feed on ignorance and sensationalism.  Don't let them make a fool of you. 

Saturday, February 15, 2020

March Studio Theme

The studio theme for March 2020 is "Puttin on the Ritz."  You come dressed to the 9's in a contemporary or vintage outfit.  Top hats, tails, walking sticks, headwear, feathers......there's no shortage of ideas!  Search the Net for the theme title for a lot of examples. 

Monday, January 6, 2020

Warm winter

Indiana's Source for Models

We've had some great winter temps so far for shooting outdoors.  Are you ready to get started with your modeling career?  Visit our website & submit your info today!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Scam Buzz Words

We're often asked how to spot scams.  Well.....there are a lot of them these days!  The Internet has made it far too easy.

We do have a  few hints:

  • If they are national, and have an office in Indy and 45 other places, it's a scam.
  • If they have no office in Indy but come here 2x a year and meet in a hotel, it's a scam.
  • If they use words like "bootcamp" and "mother agency", they're a scam.
  • If they post each and every day about someone being "on set" with a client, they're a scam.
  • If they want over $1000 of your money, they're definitely a scam.  
The best advice is to not show up at these places with your eyes wide open and just looking to be scammed.  If you do a decent job of evaluating what's being put in front of you, the scams are actually easy to spot.  Don't let the glitter fool you....keep your feet on the ground.  

Monday, September 30, 2019

Real Modeling vs Scams

25 years ago, there were only 2 agencies in Indianapolis.  Today....there are several who pretend to be "agencies."  In reality, however, there are still only 2 legitimate agencies in Indianapolis. 

Avoid the scams that tell you they are going to make you a model in Los Angeles, New York, etc.  It's just a scam to get you to pay them a lot of money.  Same with the scam "agencies" who post, almost every day, that they have someone working "on set" with some local company whose name was chosen for the scam because they know they won't get caught using it.  And then there's the national scams with an office in Indy.  Only a fool would get caught in that scam.  Don't be a fool.   

Just as it was 25 years ago, there are 2 legitimate agencies in Indianapolis.  Stick with what's real and avoid the clever scams that just want your money (and a lot of it.)

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Model Open Call

IndyModels is hosting an open model call on Sunday, September 8th, at our downtown office (120 E. Market, 46204.) Ages 4-15 will be seen at 11:00 am and those age 16+ at 1:30 pm. You will be directed at the door.

To be seen, you MUST send us email (visit the Contact page on our website) and let us know the name & age of the talent we will be interviewing. No one will be admitted who is not on our list. The doors will be locked at 5 minutes after the posted start-times and no one arriving late will be admitted. You should also not arrive more than 15 minutes early. Dress to impress. Absolutely no phone calls.

You will receive an email confirmation when you email us the name/age of the talent who will be coming to see us. Expect the process to last no more than 45 minutes. We will be seeing all ages, sizes, genders, etc.

If you have been wanting to get involved with modeling and/or acting, but didn't know where to start, this is a chance to be seen and start your journey!