Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Scam Buzz Words

We're often asked how to spot scams.  Well.....there are a lot of them these days!  The Internet has made it far too easy.

We do have a  few hints:

  • If they are national, and have an office in Indy and 45 other places, it's a scam.
  • If they have no office in Indy but come here 2x a year and meet in a hotel, it's a scam.
  • If they use words like "bootcamp" and "mother agency", they're a scam.
  • If they post each and every day about someone being "on set" with a client, they're a scam.
  • If they want over $1000 of your money, they're definitely a scam.  
The best advice is to not show up at these places with your eyes wide open and just looking to be scammed.  If you do a decent job of evaluating what's being put in front of you, the scams are actually easy to spot.  Don't let the glitter fool you....keep your feet on the ground.  

Monday, September 30, 2019

Real Modeling vs Scams

25 years ago, there were only 2 agencies in Indianapolis.  Today....there are several who pretend to be "agencies."  In reality, however, there are still only 2 legitimate agencies in Indianapolis. 

Avoid the scams that tell you they are going to make you a model in Los Angeles, New York, etc.  It's just a scam to get you to pay them a lot of money.  Same with the scam "agencies" who post, almost every day, that they have someone working "on set" with some local company whose name was chosen for the scam because they know they won't get caught using it.  And then there's the national scams with an office in Indy.  Only a fool would get caught in that scam.  Don't be a fool.   

Just as it was 25 years ago, there are 2 legitimate agencies in Indianapolis.  Stick with what's real and avoid the clever scams that just want your money (and a lot of it.)

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Model Open Call

IndyModels is hosting an open model call on Sunday, September 8th, at our downtown office (120 E. Market, 46204.) Ages 4-15 will be seen at 11:00 am and those age 16+ at 1:30 pm. You will be directed at the door.

To be seen, you MUST send us email (visit the Contact page on our website) and let us know the name & age of the talent we will be interviewing. No one will be admitted who is not on our list. The doors will be locked at 5 minutes after the posted start-times and no one arriving late will be admitted. You should also not arrive more than 15 minutes early. Dress to impress. Absolutely no phone calls.

You will receive an email confirmation when you email us the name/age of the talent who will be coming to see us. Expect the process to last no more than 45 minutes. We will be seeing all ages, sizes, genders, etc.

If you have been wanting to get involved with modeling and/or acting, but didn't know where to start, this is a chance to be seen and start your journey!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Monthly Studio Theme Shoots

Our monthly theme shoots are a great way to stay active & keep your look updated.  If you haven't already, sign up for one today!

Friday, July 19, 2019

Heat Wave!

Indy is seeing some hot weather but our shoot schedule continues as planned!  If you have been thinking about getting involved with an agency, now is the time to visit our Join Us page!

Friday, June 21, 2019

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Shooting Outside

We're shooting outside again and say....hello summer!  If you have been wanting to get started, now is the time!  Visit our Join Us page today!  IndyModels

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Just One More Move....

For those keeping score, the downtown studio is staying where it is now but the office is moving to another suite in the same building.  The South side location will be with us for a while longer but the move downtown has been mostly a success.  We may not need 2 locations!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Warm Weather is Here!

It's nice enough outside for us to say that we are moving our roster photo shoots outside for the season!  We'll be shooting all over the Greater Indy Area!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Our first post

This is our first post on our new Google Blog!  Watch for more as we get everything set up!

Our old blog ported to Google!

We are an Indianapolis model & talent agency for print, runway, fashion and event modeling, as well as advertising & event acting. Since 1994, we have been Indiana's Source for Talent.
We provide modeling opportunities for men, women & kids in Indianapolis and Indiana.
Visit our website to learn more about what we do and how you can become a part of it!
Visit our Instagram here:
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Visit our LinkedIn page here:

04/26/19 - The NRA is in town this weekend for their huge tradeshow and events. We're ready!
04/20/19 - We're the last one on Earth to create a Facebook page. See the link above and "like" it!
04/08/19 - The FDIC craziness begins!
03/29/19 - We are very busy in April & May. Are you looking for part-time contractor work? Submit your info today!
03/25/19 - We have combined the downtown office & studio into one location. This will make scheduling photo shoots easier with only one place to find!
03/15/19 - The new downtown studio is now open!
03/06/19 - Watch for our announcement soon regarding our newest facility!
02/26/19 - The theme for our roster optional shoot in March will be "I'm a Fan." You dress as a fan of something. Could be a sports team, an activity, or a place. You decide!
02/18/19 - You may have noticed a couple of photo shoots we did recently outdoors in an unusually warm early February. It won't be long until we can move outside for 6+ months!
02/07/19 - We're growing very quickly right now.....that's a good thing! Lots of exciting things in the works.
01/26/19 - It's really cold outside but our studio is nice and warm!
01/21/19 - While other "agencies" seem to be desperate to become dance & gymnastic venues, we continue to be what we've always been: a place for models & acting talent.
01/13/19 - Our spring job board is as full as it's been since at least 2003! There's a lot going on....are you going to be part of it?
01/04/19 - 2019 is off to a fast start! Are you looking for a new start? Want to get your son/daughter involved in something? Now is the time!
12/22/18 - The agency will be on limited days/hours thru January 2nd and will reopen full-time starting January 3rd. 2019 is starting with a bang!
12/13/18 - There's a lot that goes into operating a successful model/talent agency. A big part is understanding your market. If you try to be a "New York" agency in Indianapolis, you won't be around very long. Fortunately, we figured that out a long time ago. We're an Indianapolis agency.
12/10/18 - Still receiving inquiries about opening new offices. We don't currently have any interest in opening in Louisville or Cincinnati. We do enough work in Louisville to support a satellite office but we can do the work from Indy just as easily. We do have plans for a new office but......more on that this spring :)
11/29/18 - If your idea of being a part of a modeling agency is fake client ad shoots, workshops, group meetings, classes, and a once-a-week "agency newsletter", we're not the agency for you. The work we do is REAL.
11/25/18 - We are the busiest agency in the Midwest. Visit our website and our Instagram and see what we've been doing! After you do that, submit your info to be our next model!
11/20/18 - There's been some questions regarding who we "endorse." Just to be clear, we do not endorse ANY modeling "school" or any "pageants", etc. We recommend you exercise a lot of caution before you get involved with anyone.
11/17/18 - It's pageant season and we have a lot of winners on our roster. Are you next?
11/12/18 - It appears we're the only agency left in Indiana that is actively recruiting Indiana talent. The others seem to want to be "mother agencies" for talent in other states. That's OK with us!
11/05/18 - Someone asked if we would soon be opening an office on the North side of Indy. The answer With our new Monument Circle office, we are centrally located for anyone in the Greater Indianapolis area. However, that doesn't mean we aren't planning to open a new office.....stay tuned!
11/04/18 - Today's shoot with Jacob will be the last we schedule outdoors until some time in April. Indiana's only recognized model photography studio is moving indoors for all shoots beginning tomorrow. Have you sent in your info to be seen? Now is the time!
10/26/18 - We've always had the largest model photography studio in the Midwest but we now also have a new, flexible studio at our downtown Circle Tower location. Still testing there but it should go into production in another week or so!
10/19/18 - The agency is swamped with work right now. As always, we're looking for new faces to join us. Are we looking for you? Visit our website for more info!
10/14/18 - We're moving right along with the acting side of the agency. A lot of neat things beginning to happen. You are interested in acting in Indy? We're doing something that's never been done. Sign up!
10/10/18 - So some of you have written to ask if we ever have our workshops for kids in the fall/winter? Hmmmm.....a workshop in the fall/winter.....yes, we can do that! See the website for more info. :)
10/07/18 - Have you seen our kids on TV? It's time to come and see us!
09/14/18 - The busy trade show season has begun! We staff all Indy shows plus several large shows across the nation.
09/05/18 - We're doing a lot of video work with our roster models these days! If you want to do things in Indiana that can't be found anywhere else, submit your info today!
08/29/18 - A lot of ad and event photography shoots coming up in September. We're back on TV, too!
08/22/18 - Some of the best photography weather of the year is coming up over the next 7 weeks. If you've been thinking about getting involved, there won't be a better time than now!
08/16/18 - We spoke with a Barbizon representative today who told us she thinks we have the best agency website she's seen. We agree!
08/11/18 - We're seeing a lot of kids right now. Is your son/daughter next?
08/03/18 - One of the most common questions we hear is: "I've "signed" with agency X and I'm not getting any work. The "contract" said I had to be exclusive to them for 1 year. Is that true? Can I work with you if I want to?" The answers are No and Yes :)
07/28/18 - The big news is out! Indiana's premier model & talent agency is now at Indiana's premier business address: Monument Circle! We are in the iconic Circle Tower on the East side of The Circle, where Market St. intersects. The view from our 9th floor office is stunning!
07/20/18 - And then....there was one! We have decided on a new home! Watch for the big announcement next week!
07/18/18 - There is a growing trend for "agencies" to list models on their website who, in reality, aren't even in their home state. They list models from other states as being on their "roster." It's apparently an attempt to look bigger than they are really. In our world, if you see a model/talent on our site, we shot their pics and did so right here in Indiana. Their home and ours!
07/18/18 - For those who are following our move, the plot is changing a bit! The location we thought was going to be the one now appears to be out of the running. We have 2 finalists and will pick one of them, or start over, by Monday!
07/17/18 - Not having the office/studio open has been a little headache but not really a big one! Photo shoots are on schedule and we're making do until the new office opens. So far, so good!
07/13/18 - Dear office space leasing people: what part of "no" don't you understand? Make a better offer and maybe....maybe....we'll talk with you again!
07/12/18 - Watch for us at the big ice cream social tomorrow on Monument Circle!
07/04/18 - The big move is on! Watch for updates as we slowly transition from where we are now to where we're going!
06/19/18 - The long, hot summer! There's so much going on and the heat is definitely interfering! We'll have some exciting news to share with all in the near future. Stay tuned!
06/05/18 - We're getting a lot of requests for info from those who have signed "exclusive" agency contracts elsewhere. Rejoice! Exclusivity is not allowed in Indiana - you can always work for whomever you choose. If you have "signed" with another Indiana agency, you are not stuck! Contact us today.
05/26/18 - The new flyer is being printed over the weekend. Watch for it on newsstands next week!
05/22/18 - We're getting a lot of interest from potential models in states bordering Indiana. Is this a good thing? It mostly depends on the person. We've had models on our roster from neighboring states who have had no problem with the travel. Anyone considering doing so must understand that it's not easy. You have to REALLY want to be on an agency roster.
05/12/18 - A common question is about hair and makeup. Is it necessary to hire someone to do both for a roster photo shoot? In a market like Indianapolis, the answer is no! One of the ways that other local "agencies" scam you is by making it seem as though you need to pay money for someone to do these things for you. For the images you need to be successful in Indy, you can do both yourself!
05/10/18 - We recently received an email from someone who said we looked like the most "fun" agency they had seen. Not only the most fun but the most legitimate as well :) There are so many scams out there these days.
05/02/18 - One of the most common questions we hear is: "what makes you different than the other real or wanna-be agencies in Indianapolis?" The same answer we've given since 1994 is this: we actually have work for our roster talent and they actually make money. There is no other "agency" in Indiana that can say the same. None.
05/01/18 - Happy May Day!
04/21/18 - Someone asked if we were going to offer "voice over" work. In a market like Indianapolis, there's no legitimate need or demand for this type of talent. We're going to stick with things that are realistic in Indiana and leave the make-believe work to others. So, no, we won't won't likely offer voice over talent anytime soon.
04/16/18 - We've been shooting roster model portfolios in Indy for 24 years. This is the latest-arriving spring we can remember. Keep the faith....there will be a warm day, soon!
04/15/18 - We may be the last business on Earth to drop their fax line. It's gone!
04/13/18 - A popular scam with some "agencies" is to tell one of their "roster" models that they need them to shoot an ad for company X's clothing. They bring in the model, shoot him/her in some garment from company X, and make it look like a real booking. The problem X has never heard of the agency, has nothing to do with the effort, and certainly isn't paying anything. The work isn't going to appear anywhere and the model doesn't make a dime. It's a fantasy, created by the "agency", to look like they actually have work. We call that a scam.
04/12/18 - The busy summer season is about to start! Are you a college student looking for something to do? We are very busy and always need new faces!
04/06/18 - If an "agency" mentions the word "Hollywood", talks about you being in movies, says they are "connected" to New York or California "talent agents", wants to enroll you in a "school" or "classes", tells you they have helped, or know, movie "actors", uses the word "international", or tells you they are going to make you famous outside of your hometown, AVOID them. It's all a clever marketing scam and all they want is your money.
04/03/18 - April & May are really busy months for us! If you have ever thought of joining an agency, now is the time to find out if we're looking for you!
03/31/18 - If an "agency" posts pics of someone on their website, or on FB, who is involved in a supposed movie or something, and call them "their talent", but they have never actually met this person and only know of their existence via a contact swapping service (for a fee), is that ethical? We call it a SCAM.
03/29/18 - There is more info available on the website regarding our new acting division!
03/26/18 - It won't be long now until the new Acting side of the website launches. Watch for it!
03/20/18 - With all the scams that are out there these days, we thought it would be a good idea to say something yet again that we tend to preach....."all modeling is local." What does that mean? It means that the scammers who have offices in many cities across America are, without exception, scammers! All modeling is local. Avoid their well-practiced marketing scam and find an agency in your hometown. One that is ONLY in your hometown.
03/13/18 - "Can I make my living in Indianapolis doing nothing but modeling?" It's a question we hear a lot. The quick answer But, as with most things, it comes with an asterisk. It really depends on how you define "making a living." If you're paying a rent/mortgage, car payment, college loan payment, etc., you might pay them some months solely by modeling work in Indy but definitely not every month. But....if your monthly expenses are a smaller mountain then, yes, it's possible to break even consistently doing just modeling work in Indianapolis. For most, the answer is still no.
03/09/18 - There seems to be a basic misunderstanding among most Midwestern "agencies" regarding what "modeling" is in our region. To be a model in Indiana, one first has to understand what that means. If you want to be a New York model, or a New York model agency, you need to be in New York. A large part of our success is understanding what modeling is in Indiana (or, maybe more importantly, what it is not.)
03/07/18 - Our website build for actors is almost ready. Stay tuned!
03/04/18 - A common question is about height. Prospective models (especially female) often call or write to ask "I'm short. Is there a place for me?" In a market like Indianapolis, the answer is a big yes! There are a few legitimate times when height is a factor in an Indy booking (a bridal show is a good example) but, mostly, it makes zero difference. In our history, our top money earner is 5'2".
03/03/18 - Today's question is about "workshops." You can dress it up many ways but the bottom line is it's a gathering for which the audience pays some amount of money to listen to someone who supposedly knows more about a particular topic than do they. What the audience gets out of it is questionable but the "host" does so to make money. In 24 years, we have hosted 3 of these (which is probably 3 more than we should have.)
02/28/18 - We recently had a question about composite cards. Someone wanted to know if printed composites are still used? There's no 100% answer but, in the Indianapolis market, the answer is mostly no. Virtually all agencies these days deal in composite files that can be sent by email. Be leery if someone wants you to pay to have printed composite cards made. They're obsolete & mostly useless.
02/25/18 - Someone asked: "why don't you book actors as well as models?" actors and models! Stay tuned :)
02/24/18 - Today's topic is teen models. Can teenagers be successful models? Yes! However, before you can have a successful teen model, you need a willing/able teen parent. Every time a teen model has to be somewhere (photo shoot, go-see, job, etc.), so does at least one parent. It's not easy. We book more teens than anyone in the Midwest and the #1 headache isn't getting the teen out of school but, rather, getting mom/dad out of work, etc. It takes a parent who is 100% committed to being a "model parent." See some of our teen models here:
02/24/18 - Someone suggested we should create a blog about modeling and talk about the industry and how to be a part of it. OK....we will! Return here often to read our fits of wisdom :)